Are there any support groups in my area?

Alabama, Dothan area:

Ex-JW Outreach Ministry: Contact Gary Milhone at

California, San Fransisco Bay area:

Support group for former Jehovah's Witnesses contact Wendy Taylor at 408-354-2707 or Wayne Rodgers at 925-833-9898.

California, Los Angeles/Orange County area:

Cynthia Hampton: We all understand how alone you can feel when you leave the Watchtower Organization and it is very important that you have help and support. Cynthia was a member of Jehovah's Witnesses from 1972-1980 and also "pioneered" for a few of those years. She remembers feeling very alone after leaving the Watchtower. She became an Evangelical Christian in 1982, however she does welcome others who may have a different world view.

Cynthia's online support group is Ex JW's of California. She also has a personal website which tells about her support group that meets monthly. Her web site is Ex-JW's of LA You can email Cynthia at


Colorado, Colorado Springs area & Internet Support Group

Christy Darlington leads internet support group email

Support Group for Colorado Springs, CO area

If you're an ex-Jehovah's Witness who is interested in attending a support group here in the Colorado Springs area, we would welcome your presence with us. We love to meet new people who have undergone similar experiences in the Watchtower. We emphasize the positive aspects of life outside the Watchtower and choose not to make the negative aspects of our involvement the focus of our group meeting times.

Some of us have just recently left the Watchtower while others of us have been out for 10+ years. Some of us have found an agreeable place with God in our relationship to Him, while others of us are still searching. Whatever your case may be, you can be assured that you will feel comfortable in a Christian group that upholds the Bible, but loves and accepts you where you are and does not force religious beliefs. Topic of Discussion varies from meeting-to-meeting. This is a free place to discuss anything on your heart and not be judged - only LOVED for who you are.

If you're interested in attending our next meeting, please email us or leave a message with your phone number on our voice mail phone (909-693-5280) and we'll return your call. You can also join our online internet meetup group by clicking


Florida (South):

Make Sure Ministries: Former Witnesses now evangelical Christians meet monthly. Their purpose is to show the unconditional love of Jesus Christ and to provide a support and encouragement network not only for questioning Jehovah's Witnesses but for those in other high demand, authoritarian, spiritually abusive religious groups. They provide a lending library of tapes, books and videos to document false prophecies, doctrinal flip flops, contradictions and error, as well as manipulative coercion techniques. For information contact Carol at or Michelle at

Florida, Fort Lauderdale:

Answers for Jehovah's Witnesses.

Formerly a monthly study but is no longer available, however, we can still provide support and witnessing tips...the contact information would now be: or call 561-869-5781. A ministry of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale.

Illinois, central area:

Jeff Price: has provided support for those affected by the Watchtower organization since he disassociated himself in 1993. He can be reached at 217-629-9091 or e-mail at

Ohio, Cincinnati area:

AWOL support network: Their goal is to be understanding, loving friends as they grow past the fear and guilt left from the Watchtower. The group is strictly non-religious. Charlie can be contacted at 513-731-5349 or e-mail at

Ohio, Columbus area

Towerwatch: Leadership is provided by Cal Lehman who spent 35 years in the Watchtower, 20 of those years as an elder and 17 years as the Ministry School overseer. The support group meets the 3rd Sunday of every month. Cal or the support group can be contacted at, by phone at 614-268-6039 or see his web site at

Ontario, Canada, St. Jacobs area:

Cult Awareness and Recovery Group: This is a group run by a wonderful lady name Grace Gough who spent many years serving the Watchtower organization. Her group is based on love and acceptance. They show videos about former Witnesses and leave lots of time for talking and fellowship. Grace can be reached at


Texas, Dallas area:

CEPA Inc: This group's purpose is to help Jehovah's Witnesses to heal, provide a support system for them and to let them know that they are important. They are Christian based and have a love for former Witnesses. For information contact Larry at


Internet support groups:

Ex-JW's in California: This group is open to members from around the world. Contact Cynthia Hampton at or sign up for this group at

or Christian ex-Jehovah's Witnesses at

Ex-JW's United: Contact Ron Owen's online group at or email Ron at


Internet support group for victims of child molestation in the Watchtower:

Silent Lambs: is an organization dedicated to the healing and closure which victims of sexual abuse so desperately need. Help for victims of sexual abuse in the Watchtower or in any religion can find help at 1-877-982-2873 (toll free) Their web site is


If you have a support group that you would like us to list, please e-mail us the name of your group, where you are located (city, state or province) how you operate your support group (goals, philosopy) and contact information (your name, phone number or e-mail address) and your web site if you operate one.

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