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New audio questions and answers with Jay Hess part 1 & 2. Updated January 15, 2008

New audio testimony of Natalie Matina, Frankie & Anthony White & teaching on Jehovah's Women on Trial by Cheryl Schatz. Updated October 26, 2006 (audio now has been moved to mmoutreach.org/audio_jw.htm)

New audio testimony of Bill Blatz and Thomas McGovern. Updated June 15, 2006 (audio moved to mmoutreach.org/audio_jw.htm)

New testimonies and JW/Christian dialogue from the October 200 Witnesses Now For Jesus convention. Moved to mmoutreach.org/audio_jw.htm

New audio on Dialogue with a Jehovah's Witness with Dr. Walter Martin and Bill Cetnar. Moved to mmoutreach.org/audio_jw.htm

Listen to some of the testimonies and teaching from the October 2004 Witnesses Now For Jesus convention. Updated November 11, 2004

Why do Jehovah's Witnesses contemplate suicide? 3 part article added June 26, 2004

New audio on the Watchtower by Bill Cetnar Moved teaching to MM Outreach.org June 26, 2004

Audio update March 29, 2004

The Great Crowd - a generation of broken promises Article added March 30, 2004

Audio update Added testimony of Cyrus Hodges March 29, 2004

Audio update Moved teachings by Walter Martin to MMOutreach.org Updated December 3, 2003

Audio tapes of the month moved to mmoutreach.org Added testimonies of Pam Wisniewski, Cynthia Hampton and David and Vanda Goins. Updated October 29, 2003

Audio update September 30, 2003

The Last Generation Article added September 4, 2003

Information Group Added new information on the monthly information group for the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada area. Added September 3, 2003

Audio update Added testimony of Ray & Helen Descombe and teaching on how to witness to JW by John Warren, JW's and the nature of man by Peter Barnes and Bible Students and their relationship to the Watchtower by Robert C. Hill. Added July 30, 2003

Shopping cart Added new PayPal secure shopping cart with videos, books, booklets, cassette tapes, cd's and documentation resource material. Added July 28, 2003

Audio update Added testimony of Eddie Cooney, plus teaching by Lorri MacGregor on the State of the Dead. June 20, 2003

Audio update Added testimony of Iris Blanton, plus teachings by Wilbur Lingle and Duane Magnani May 9, 2003

Audio update Added testimony of Ann and Al Thomas, Cheryl Dickson, as well as testimonies of Watchtower Elder cruelty by Alex Demayo, Keith Andreve, and Grant Lindsey all on one tape. Added teachings by Lorri MacGregor on Watchtower blatant blunders and Ken Ham on Can we Trust the Bible? April 11, 2003

Audio update Added testimony of Bruce and Gina Marsh as well as teaching by Lorri MacGregor on Should you pay attention to the Watchtower's 'Pay Attention to Daniel's Prophecy'? Also teaching by Walter Martin on JW's, Jesus Christ and the Trinity and Arthur Waeterling on a six-part devotional teaching on the Trinity March 3, 2003

Added articles 'Does God know your future?' under God's attributes and 'When did Jesus defeat Satan' under Jesus and 'Did Adam talk to Jesus' under Adam on transcript page February 7th, 2003

Added article on 'Was Jesus born the Christ?' on transcript page under topic of Jesus. Also four new articles on the resurrection on transcript page February 5th, 2003



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