Part 2: What will Paradise be like?


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In part one we reported that the Watchtower teaches that only faithful Jehovah's Witnesses will survive Armageddon. Who will these "faithful" Jehovah's Witnesses be and how will they enter paradise? The Watchtower gives the very minimum required to be a faithful Jehovah's Witness yet gives no assurance that the minimum is "good enough" to survive Armageddon. The minimum required is attendance at five meetings a week, personal study for these meetings to gain the required knowledge and a monthly quota of time spent in the door to door work distributing Watchtower and Awake Magazines. In addition, the faithful Jehovah's Witness will not bring reproach on the Watchtower organization by questioning any of the Society's teachings in public or in private. Faithfulness to the organization is key to survival.

Only those approved by the organization and who find approval by Jehovah God at the time of Armageddon will walk forth into the new earth. What will the new earth be like for Jehovah's Witnesses surviving Armageddon? Many of these Witnesses will find alone because their spouses or their loved ones were not qualified for survival and died during Armageddon and thus will never be resurrected. For these Witnesses, the only way that they can have a family in the new earth is to marry another single Jehovah's Witness who also survived Armageddon. The rest of mankind, the Watchtower says, will be resurrected with perfect bodies that are incapable of marriage or childbearing. A Witness will never be able to find a mate amongst the resurrected ones. For those Witnesses whose mate died before Armageddon, their marriage will not remain intact. The only ones who will be able to be married and give birth to children, according to the Watchtower will be the faithful Jehovah's Witnesses who were good enough to survive Armageddon. Everyone else will be permanently celibate.

How many Jehovah's Witnesses will be faithful enough to survive Armageddon? The Watchtower says that it doesn't know but does say that Jehovah God will make sure that there are enough to start the work that is required to turn the earth into a paradise. What kind of work is required? Since every building will have fallen during the earth wide earthquakes, the first order of business for the survivors will be to dig holes big enough to bury all the rubble left over after Armageddon. Every city will have fallen and the rubble must be buried and covered over with dirt in order to be prepared for planting paradise.

Will the faithful survivors have perfect bodies in order to accomplish such a massive project? The Watchtower says no. The survivors will gradually get healthier during the 1,000 years until at the end when they finally have perfect bodies. The resurrected billions of humans, however, will not have to wait for perfect bodies. They will have been given perfect bodies from the moment of resurrection. Will these billions of non-Jehovah's Witnesses who have lived and died before Armageddon be resurrected to help out with the clean up effort? The Watchtower says no. The Jehovah's Witnesses who died before Armageddon will be raised first in order to help with the clean up work but the rest of mankind will not begin to be resurrected until the Witnesses are well along in restoring paradise to earth. It will also be the duty of the Armageddon survivors to provide food, clothing and housing for the newly resurrected non-Jehovah's Witnesses. The resurrection will happen over a considerable period of time and the Armageddon survivors are expected to provide the physical necessities as well as going door to door teaching Watchtower doctrine as well as rules and regulations to all the newly resurrected non-Jehovah's Witnesses.

For the survivors will all of this work guarantee that they will survive the final test?

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